Soda Canyon Overlook- A hike in Mesa Verde

On one of my weekends I went for a hike on some of the trails that aren’t as popular in Mesa Verde National Park. I decided to hike the Soda Canyon Overlook trail; the only way you can see Balcony House without going on a tour. Its find on the Cliff Palace loop road, about a 1/4 mile down the road from the Balcony House tour parking lot. It’s just a small pull-off on the side of the road with a sign.


The trail is a 1.5 mile loop through a Pinyon Pine-Utah Juniper forest on the mesa top. There is very little elevation gain or loss, and the trail is nice and wide. I was by myself out there (as you can tell, that’s my jeep!) The trail loops out to three different overlook points; giving you views of Balcony House and Soda Canyon. Soda Canyon has to be one of the prettiest canyons in the park. Of course, that’s just my opinion. 🙂 Make sure you bring binoculars to see Balcony House! At the second overlook there is a scope to get a view of Balcony House. As usual, since I’m horrible at writing, here are some fun photos I took!

2 thoughts on “Soda Canyon Overlook- A hike in Mesa Verde

  1. Kaiti, great posts and the pictures are so beautiful! It seems you are loving it there. I really am enjoying living vicariously through your blog. Keep em comming!


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