I have heard that a lot this summer; I don’t quite agree with  it.

This summer has been a difficult one for me, which you may have noticed from my last post. (Sorry for all the complaining.) The life lesson I am learning is to not take things personally. Well, I’m trying to learn it anyways. (I can hear my mom chuckling as she reads this.) My work life is not the only place where I take things personally. If I invite someone over and they are too busy, I take it personally that they don’t want to spend time with me. When someone doesn’t listen about backing up from an animal, returning to the boardwalk, or getting off the road; I take it personally.

My first response is usually anger, so I don’t fall into a depression. I really don’t like reacting that way, but its my first instinct since I feel as though they are trying to hurt me. Knowing this is how I react I do my best to be conscious of it. This is why I don’t think “I’m the best”.

In kind; I do my best to make sure I do give visitors and friends an extra bit. I want you to have enjoyable time. I want to make sure I can do whatever I can to make sure you have a wonderful visit. I want you to want to return.

My happiness is intertwined with your happiness.

That’s why I do love this job.

Do you know who really is the best? My friends, my family, and my social media world. So many times I have received encouragement, compliments, and more from you people. I’m not asking for attention with this post, but I do want you to know that you all humble me. You inspire me to learn these life lessons and to give my best.