Lighting Candles

Today starts the beginning of the Holiday Celebrations at Mesa Verde National Park. For many years now, Mesa Verde has held a Luminaria Holiday Open House. The first Thursday of every December the Park Service lights the way down to Spruce Tree House with paper lanterns, farolitos. The archaeologists then add farolitos throughout the cliff dwelling making for a spectacular evening.

Spruce Tree House – NPS Photo

In celebration of the National Park Centennial next year, Mesa Verde is also lighting Cliff Palace! Today, Wednesday 12/9/15, viewing Cliff Palace is open to photographers with tripods. In hopes that this event attracts a lot of visitors and photographers, the park wants to minimize any congestion; giving photographers and their tripods a special night. Tonight, Wednesday, is just a preview for Cliff Palace. Tomorrow night, Thursday 12/10/15, both places will be illuminated but camera stabilization equipment are discouraged. 

Please check out the website for more information!  <click here

The true event starts tomorrow! (Thursday 12/10/2015)

What will I be doing?

I will be there! I get to help light the farolitos at Cliff Palace and will be at the viewpoint, Sun Temple, this evening. Tomorrow, a lot of the same adventures, but in the evening I will get to spend time at the viewpoint for Spruce Tree House.

There will be musicians, story-tellers, free food, a star program, and great company. “Parking for the event will be at the old Far View Visitor Center parking lot, a 15 mile drive from the park entrance. Free shuttle buses will take visitors from Far View to the headquarters area and Sun Temple Overlook.”

So come find me if you are going to be around! I’ll probably look like a green marshmallow with how many layers I’ll have on. If you can’t come, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I will do my best to share when I get cell phone service again! 🙂


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