The Crunch of Snow

So far, December has brought a lot of snow to Mesa Verde. We haven’t been getting a little at a time, but more like large dumps in storms where the plows can hardly keep up! I love the beauty the snow provides, but boy am I sick of shoveling! Living on the high end of the mesa top brings a lot of wind, and creates snow drifts that you have to shovel again and again.

After the chaos of Luminaria night, it doesn’t feel like my life has slowed down. There hasn’t been much time to think and reflect on the time of the year. Visitation on the other-hand has slowed down immensely the last few weeks. Today is the first day we seem to have quite a few people! (I just heard some kids knock down the icicles off the museum outside.)

I spent my Christmas Eve and Christmas moving. While moving in a snowstorm is not something I would recommend, it did provide me something to stay occupied with. I was unable to reflect on being away from my loved ones on Christmas. The Monday before Christmas I came home from work to find the laundry room flooded with water. Without phones  and no-one answering their radio, I had to drive down to find someone to help me. It took us all evening of stomping through the snow to find the manhole to the water line. The crawl space under the building was flooded with water, and many of the apartments. I was lucky that mine had not quite flooded yet and was able to get my stuff off the ground.

So; I’m surviving. I feel like I’m in automatic, but I’m surviving.

I get to help plan and run the Winter Festival Event coming up in the middle of January for the park. This is really exciting for me, and I have been enjoying planning immensely!

Only a few days left of 2015….. I hope to reflect on my adventures for my next post!

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