In My Heart


Not only a fun word to say but a place that is close to home, very close.

Kalamazoo is where my family and friends went to go shopping or to the mall.

It’s where we drove to go to a “nice” movie theater.

It’s where my sister drove two-three times a week to play on her travel soccer team.

It’s where my family drove once a week in the winter to play indoor soccer.

It’s where a lot of my high school classmates moved to after they graduated.

What is happening Kalamazoo?

“Authorities charged accused Kalamazoo, Michigan, shooter…. on Monday with six counts of murder, two counts of assault with intent to commit murder and eight firearms charges. He showed no emotion in court as the charges against him were read. A judge denied Dalton bail. For nearly five hours Saturday, police say, the shooter drove from one target to another, gunning down victims at random.” CNN Michigan shooting rampage

I texted my brother last night just to make sure that he was alright. I didn’t hear who the victims were, I just knew something bad was happening.

My mother would tell you that I’m very attached to home. Michigan means a lot to me, as does the place that I grew up in. This place will probably always be what I think of when I think of home. To think that someone did this in a place that means so much to me makes me depressed. It makes me feel worried and anxious, but mostly, it makes me feel angry. It makes me want to finally get my concealed carry license. It makes me want to hurt the person responsible. It makes me want to yell and scream and be mad.

All of these feelings and I haven’t even been home in quite awhile. I’m over 2,000 miles away.

I can’t possible even begin to imagine how the community members, family members of the victims, or what my family even feels.

So Kalamazoo, know that this little Sturgis person out in Colorado, is thinking of you. I hope you are able to find peace. I pray that you will come together as a community and work through this tragedy.

I pray that together we can teach each other the importance of life, family, and community.

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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