This summer I will not be returning to Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone, instead I will be catching a flight and heading to Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. This is the first time I have ever visited Alaska and the first time I will be working in a park that is only accessible by boat or plane.

This will also be my first time in this type of position. 🙂

My last six seasons with the National Park Service I have been working as a front-line Interpretive Park Ranger. I’ve been working at visitor centers, museums, giving tours and programs, and working directly with visitors. My last post was about me trying to figure out if this was still the direction that I wanted to go in. I didn’t think I would have this opportunity with the NPS, but God had other plans.

I start May 2nd at Katmai as a Science Communicator. In a nutshell, my main duties will be to work with the different divisions to find out any new research they are working on. I will be updating the Katmai Terrane Blog with this information. I get to work with the social media team there doing posts on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else they need.

This is an office job and I’m strangely excited about having my own computer and desk space! Some opportunity to go into the back-country so hopefully I will have time to take some photos like these above.

Cell phone service and internet access will be limited but, I hope to keep updating this. (Even though I am already horrible at that.)

P.S. Any tips, books, or other resources to help me improve my writing? I’m not confident in my writing skills at all.