Colorado > Texas > Missouri > Michigan > …

Final destination: Katmai National Park and Preserve, King Salmon, Alaska

As I sit here in Anchorage, Alaska at the airport, I look around to see everyone greeting each other. It’s like everyone knows each other, its a pretty welcoming feeling. My flight to King Salmon isn’t for another 2 hours, and there are a few of us at the gate now. Spread out throughout the waiting area I see quite a few sleeping on the seats or looking at their phones. I’m trying to figure out how many are flying home to King Salmon or other small areas, and how many may be rangers like me just heading there for the summer.

Any who, this last week seems like a blur as I sit here and realize that I am physically in Alaska.

I left Colorado on Monday with my dad and we drove to Amarillo, Texas. We were able to do some hiking at Palo Duro Canyon State Park in 89*F weather. It was so gross! The canyon was beautiful, but it was quite the shock for me to go from 40-50*F to 89*F. We found a Collard Lizard just sunning it self on a rock and just generally had a good time exploring.

The next day we drove to Missouri to spend the night with my sister. She graduates in a week from Missouri State University, and with this lifestyle, I don’t get to see her very often. On the way, we stopped to see my social media friend Emily at George Washington Carver National Monument. It was awesome to meet her and learn about this amazing man. In Springfield, its a family tradition to stop at Bass Pro Shop and walk around. We stayed up too late, left late the next morning, but by Wednesday night I was back home in Michigan.

Thursday and Friday were filled with errands and visiting with a few family members. I really haven’t had time to process everything that is going on, other than freaking out that I was leaving for Alaska.

Now here I am, sitting in Alaska, surprised at this turn in my life. I am excited and nervous. I really want to do well at this job, so hopefully I can’t shake the “shock” of actually being here enough to soak in some of this amazing experience.


What am I doing again?

2 thoughts on “Colorado > Texas > Missouri > Michigan > …

  1. Kati, what a great update. How exciting your life is! I have always wanted to go to Alaska so will live vicariously through your photos and posts! Lol I am certain you will do a fantastic job so don’t fret about being nervous. So glad you got to spend time with your sister and Dad!! Take care, kiddo and totally enjoy your time in Alaska!!!


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