Thoughts in the not so dark

I have met some great people on my training so far and tomorrow will hopefully be learning more about what I will be doing as the Science Communicator. Right now the Interpreters are starting to brainstorm for programs and I’m getting jealous. It’s an exciting feeling when first entering a park to try to pin point what it means to you, and what you hope to share with everyone. There are so many possibilities that it can get very hard to pick just a few. It’s also very stressful, but I’ll just remember the excitement. I hope I get this feeling tomorrow when I find out about my projects!

In the meantime I have gotten to know the individuals that I will be working with in one aspect of my job and I am completely threatened by them. My age, smart, experienced, and more make me wonder if I can keep up. I do however look forward to learning from them, One thing is for certain though, this is all of ours first time in Katmai. It’s going to be a bumpy summer, but an intriguing one.

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