Are you sure you’re working?

Hi people! I missed you guys, did you miss me? I know I haven’t blogged in awhile. My schedule has been rather busy and as always, I struggle with forming sentences from my thoughts.

me at Hallo Bay

My parents asked me recently, “Are you sure you’re working and not on some summer long trip?”

It really does seem that way. I have completed at least three back-country trips and a side-trip to Brooks Camp in the last four weeks. I’ve been documenting and getting content for social media posts and blog posts. However, I really haven’t had time to create much with the content I am getting.

I have no idea how I got myself into this position. I’ve gotten to do so much more than what I was told when I got this “office” job. I’m worried though, that I’m not the right person for this. The writing and creating content has been fine, and I think I am growing into it, but the adventures are almost more than I can handle. It has been amazing, but I don’t feel like I am truly appreciating it. I haven’t been handling the flights well in the small bush plane or float plane. Hopefully Dramamine is helpful, cause that’s my next step. Yet here I am, doing it anyways, living it anyways. I hope this works out okay and that I don’t sound like a spoiled brat!

It’s just so hard for me to comprehend all this awesomeness!

I spent one very, very cold and wet night at Pfaff Mine in Katmai’s back-country helping update the Remote Automatic Weather Stations (RAWS). I got dropped off by the small bush plane in what really felt like was the middle of nowhere. It was among the mountains on a plateau of open tundra. The second night we went to Wolverine Lake to work on the RAWS there. My person and coworker, Kelsey, came with us and it was a lot more fun than Pfaff Mine. We shared a tent and there was a lot of giggling like we were in middle school.

I also went and spent a week tent camping in Hallo Bay working with a researcher with the Changing Tides project and Kelsey. It was a fun week, but wet and rainy all the time! We only had one day of sunshine. Joy, the researcher, helped me get with one of the guides to get some closer pictures of the bears. I met with Brad, from Natural Habitat Adventures, and his group graciously let me join them. We found a spot in the sedge meadow 100 yards from a sow and two cubs, hoping that she would head to the grassy area in front of us to forage. We just sat down and waited, and were blessed with her being comfortable enough with us and coming over. I really appreciated Brad and his approach and respect to wildlife and wilderness.

Today I leave for another long back-country adventure, but this time completely on the coast on a boat! I will be assisting with the seabird colony inventory. Hopefully I will have more photos to share! Hopefully I don’t get sea sick! 😉

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