A Letter to My Followers

Dear Follower,

I’m so appreciative that you have stopped by to find out what’s going on in my little corner of the internet. I have had this blog for about two years now, and I must say that I still have never accomplished my goals with it.
I have wanted to be much more active on here for a long time.
I have wanted to write about my stories and adventures as a National Park Ranger.
I have wanted to share with you important news and give you a different perspective on it.
I have wanted to share videos and photos of our outdoor world.

However, life tends to be a little more complicated than what you think or want.

I don’t know what’s going to happen this summer for me but I do know that I want to do better at my goals for this site.

I hope you can continue to join me on this adventure.

Please feel free to share ideas, ask questions, or share what you are interested in to help me share more with you! This will be a lot more fun for us all if we make it a conversation.

*This blog reflects my personal opinion, and not the view of the National Park Service.

4 thoughts on “A Letter to My Followers

  1. I can’t speak for others, but one thing I’d love to read more about is an “inside account” from a ranger. Many of us have traveled to so many of the national parks but haven’t seen that side of them. I think that’s a niche that you could help fill, even if it’s just from the seasonal ranger perspective (that’s probably more interesting than a FT ranger at one park, tbh). Cheers.

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  2. Having lived in Alaska for almost two decades and spending quite a bit of that time in Denali, Wrangell and Gates of the Arctic NP’s the thing that I would find interesting is some of your encounters with visitors to the park.

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    1. My job as the Science Communicator didn’t have me interact with many visitors in person, mostly via the internet. However, the few visitors I did encounter were always quite happy and amazed at all Alaska has to offer! Where is your favorite place in Alaska?


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