An Open Letter to the Secretary of the Interior

Dream Big – and never stop following your dream Ranger Emma! I know it’s hard, I’m right there with ya.

Thoughts of a Civil War Nut

AThis open letter was sent the traditional way, through the mail, to the Secretary of Department of the Interior Ryan Zinke at the main office in Washington D.C. It’s been two weeks since I sent this letter and I am ready to finally share it.

Dear Secretary Zinke,

As a historian at heart, I wanted to write to you the old fashioned way–with a handwritten letter. I feel it conveys emotion more efficiently than staring at a computer screen. An email doesn’t give you a true understanding of the person’s character like reading their words in their own handwriting.

My name is Emma. I’m currently in my last semester of graduate school at the University of West Georgia, where I will be getting my Masters degree in Public History. I have a Bachelors of Arts from Gettysburg College where, not only did I go to school on hallowed ground, but…

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