The Freckledy Ranger

When working for the National Park Service, they ask that you don’t use “Ranger ____” in your profile names or use a picture of you in uniform. This is because  in the internet world its easy to misunderstand something that is a personal opinion, as something that is an opinion of an employer. As this is my personal account, that I do on my own time and am not paid for, I hope you have never thought what I said or have posted represented my employers and not just myself. If not, I hope that you thought I was doing a good job representing them.

To help with this I will be changing my username and blog  to “The Freckledy Ranger”. Hopefully this username gives the feeling and appearance that I am just some person. That this account is a personal one and my own, and does not belong to nor represent the National Park Service in an official capacity.

Just like most people, I love to share things with others. The desire and need for a “sense” of community is in everybody and social media helps create one for me. There are so many of you that I consider to be a part of my community. I hopt that my online accounts, like my programs I do at work, continue to inspire people into a community of love, support, and stewardship for the outdoors.

So, I’m still the same weirdo.
I still like cookies, and bacon.
I still have anxiety.
And I still am amazed that you follow silly little me.

-The Freckledy Ranger
-The Former Ranger Kaiti May

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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