Where am I?

Well, I’m not in a park. I’m currently in Virginia working on making a home with my soon-to-be husband.

What am I doing?

To be honest, not that much. I’m unemployed from the National Park Service and looking actively for next summers employment. I am hopeful to get a position with a wide range of duties, still in the interpretation field. To keep working on my resume, I am volunteering with the Studen Engagement Network (SEN); assisting with their social media. The SEN is a student-focused Employee Resource Group that aims to foster idea sharing and professional development for current and future students employed by the National Park Service. If you are a student in high school or university, you should like us on Facebook. (Shameless plug) It is a great, growing, community. Starting soon, I will be volunteering at Richmond National Battlefield assisting with their digital and social media.

Who am I?

This is the most critical question of all. As this season has moved along, I’ve been working on myself. My anxiety is something that takes up most of my thoughts as I don’t have work to focus on. From seeing a therapist, to tracking my sleep, attempting to journal; my goal is to remind myself who I am when I work. It’s impressive to see how much that gray shirt and green pants mean to me.