Thinking About 2017

As I have been thinking about what all happened in 2017, I’ve come to realize that I really can’t complain that much. I moved forward a lot in my personal life, and even though I didn’t step forward in my career, I didn’t move backward either. It’s all about perspective right?

2017 started off with getting engaged; the first thing that morning J asked me to marry him. “Would you marry me?” he asked lovingly.

“Yeah, I would like that a lot.”


I always thought that when he finally would ask I would say something sweet or cheesy like, “with all my heart.” Instead, I said “yeah.” I said “yeah” when I picked out the ring, and “yeah” when I picked out my dress two months ago. (The sales lady had me repeat ‘yes to the dress.’)

When we have our ceremony this year, I’m gonna say “yeah” instead of “I do,” just because it’s apparently what I say while making important decisions. Haha!

We moved to a new home since J got a new job, and shortly afterward we adopted Riley. This little whack job does stretch my patience thin, but he also makes me laugh and feel loved. If not too loved, as he follows me everywhere around the house! Even when playing with J he will stop and stare at me to make sure I’m watching, or to let me know that he could end playing and be pet. Riley will continue to test my patience as we work in training more, but it’s neat to see how he continues to learn since last April!


I spent another summer at Mesa Verde National Park with friends, who are really family. I wanted to continue moving “up the ladder,” but it wasn’t meant to be. Returning to Mesa Verde gave me many opportunities to grow in my digital media and in my interpretive skills, and I enjoyed every moment.

My personal life and career are struggling to mesh together as I really want to be home with J. Or at least 3 hours away so we can visit on the weekends. I will continue to search for positions in the National Park Service, but my criteria have changed. Last summer I was able to work on my leadership skills and coaching skills; both things that I really want to focus more on this summer. I continue to learn more about videography and design/publications, and I want to focus on that as well. This issue being, I don’t think this perfect job exists at my pay level, but maybe I just need to keep working on those skills on here as well.

2018 is going to be a weird year, and I hope you can be a part of it.

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