Another one of those posts about 2018

Hi, I’m the Freckledy Ranger, and this is a story about how I was born.

Not really.

This is one of those “mandatory” “this is what happened in 2018 in my life, and what I hope to accomplish with 2019.” However, if you already follow my internet nonsense, you kind of already know what I did in 2018.

I was anxious all winter and spring, as I waited to find out about my employment at Shenandoah National Park for the summer. (It was my wish to be closer to home, and thankfully it came true!) During that time, I volunteered with Richmond National Battlefield Park, working on social media and getting photos.

I met some amazing people and did some pretty awesome things while at Shenandoah for the summer.

I got married and had a wonderful time with my family and friends that were able to make it all the way down to Virginia.

The Freckledy Ranger in her wedding gown with her husband.

I was reminded not to compare myself to my coworkers and that I look forward to learning more about the next steps in my career.

We began working with a dog trainer to help Riley with his anxiety and general silliness.

I have generally stayed away from most media during the shutdown this year, and I find myself not as depressed or frustrated. It indeed is a trigger for me to see what is happening to my friends, co-workers, and favorite outdoor spaces.

  1. I made more friends, and kept the ones I have! Just a reminder to my friends in different states, I still think about you a lot!

I jokingly tweeted …

Screenshot of tweet saying "I think I'm going to try this thing called "confidence" in 2019. It's gonna be lit."

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I don’t have any confidence. There were a handful of moments in 2018 where I felt truly confident and believed in myself. One of my supervisors from Yellowstone often would tell me, “You know Kaitlyn, its okay to have some confidence.”

I always worry about what people think of me; even the thoughts of my friends, family, and husband. I worry about a lot of things, but one thing I can work on this year is worrying less about how others think of me and worrying more about how I feel about myself.

To do this, I am going to allow myself to create things, even if it doesn’t end in perfection.
I am going to allow myself to take care of myself.
I am going to allow myself to be unlimited in my passion.

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