Welcome Back To Shenandoah

There are quite a few changes this summer as I begin my 11th season with the National Park Service at Shenandoah National Park. This year I am expanding my responsibilities, and I am the Lead Interpretive Park Ranger at Byrd Visitor Center. This means I am part of the leadership and supervisory team, and it is my first time with any of these duties. I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now, as I am still learning Shenandoah, but I am hoping I can rise to the occasion and do a great job. I will be directly supervising a few people, and by the end of the summer, I will be doing the scheduling for everyone on my own. I will be doing a few programs as well, but most of my time, I will be working in the office doing administrative duties.

I need to create a new program on black bears, and a nature hike. What are some things that you find impressive about bears? What is something that makes you intrigued about black bears? Or when hiking, what do you tend to notice about the most about the trail you are on?

I’m living in my camper again, and we did some work on it throughout the winter. Most importantly, we had the roof resealed, and it already been put to some serious testing. I hope this summer isn’t as wet as last year. Just an average amount of rain would be great.

My camper is not located in the campground, but by a lot of maintenance buildings, so it stands alone. Last Sunday, I had the awning out to help with the rain and was taking a nap. The rain increased to a downpour and woke me from my nap, only to then hear people talking outside my camper. Sure enough, three men had taken shelter under my awning. I feel bad for them, but I’m also a single female who was just startled awake. I stuck my head out the door and said, “guys, this is weird.” Thankfully they apologized and asked for directions and then left.

Welcome back to Shenandoah!


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