What we did wrong while building our own fire pit

Today was a beautiful spring day here in Virginia, and J and I spent the day outside working in the yard. In the morning we transplanted some wild onion that grows in the yard to a little garden patch, but more on that in a different post. In the afternoon we decided to finally work on the fire pit that we wanted to build. After scoping out an area that didn’t flood much during rain; we marked out a circle and began to dig. We decided that a three foot in diameter would be big enough, but that was our … Continue reading What we did wrong while building our own fire pit

DIY: Mail Organizer

 I have an obsession with mail; both e-mail and “snail” mail, and just like how Google creates ways to organize my e-mail, I decided I needed a way to organize my mail! So I created my own. I apologize for the bad picture on the left! As well as the bad photo shop on the edges…. I have a shaky hand today. I went to my local Goodwill and found a really nice frame I liked and decided to purchase it. It may have been cheaper to go to WalMart and get a frame, but I really enjoyed the wood … Continue reading DIY: Mail Organizer

DIY: Frosted Windows

One thing since childhood that has always bugged me is uncovered windows at night. I recently looked into purchasing curtains for the windows throughout the house, and have realized that, curtains are expensive! Goodness! So, I plan on making my own, which will be a future post! For the front door, I decided that I wanted to create a “frosted” kind of look. After some internet research I was reminded about Contact Paper”, which is the brand name I believe. What it is, is sticky adhesive that is gentle enough to be removed and repositioned. I purchased a roll of … Continue reading DIY: Frosted Windows

DIY: very simple autumn themed decorations

Recently my parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary, and my siblings and I created  a surprise party for them! My parents have taught me so many things about relationships, friendship, and love. It’s been amazing to watch them grow closer and closer as the years have gone by. It is also great to watch how our relationship as a family also grows better each year as us kids grow older. Instead of us growing our separate ways, we are all still very entwined together. Family; is the number one thing my parents have taught me, and I hope to someday … Continue reading DIY: very simple autumn themed decorations

DIY: Melted Crayons

**Prepare for one Stinky Smelly craft!** If you are in the Pinterest world, you may have seen some crafts focused around melting crayons. They have been all the craze, and a pretty simple idea. Somehow attach crayons in a design to a piece of paper, and then use a hair dryer to slowly melt the crayon. Melting crayons is not a new idea, but different designs and using a hair dryer is! About every other year my Mother would go through our crayon box and collect all the broken pieces. Yes, we had a crayon box, my family is a … Continue reading DIY: Melted Crayons