What we did wrong while building our own fire pit

Today was a beautiful spring day here in Virginia, and J and I spent the day outside working in the yard. In the morning we transplanted some wild onion that grows in the yard to a little garden patch, but more on that in a different post. In the afternoon we decided to finally work on the fire pit that we wanted to build. After scoping out an area that didn’t flood much during rain; we marked out a circle and began to dig. We decided that a three foot in diameter would be big enough, but that was our … Continue reading What we did wrong while building our own fire pit

Get Wild About WildLife!

Last year in December, during the 68th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 3rd, 2014 as the first ever World Wildlife Day. In honor of the day the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was adopted; 04/03/1973. The hope is that marking today World Wildlife Day, will remind us the beauty of our flora and fauna around the world. It will remind us of the intricate and complex relationships between wildlife and populations. Most importantly, it will remind us of the horrible wildlife crime that happens daily. Convention on International … Continue reading Get Wild About WildLife!

Turn it Off-Sustainable America

Sustainable America is one of my favorite blogs to get updated on new eco-friendly technologies, as well as great ideas on how to become “eco-friendly”. A lot of my posts come from their articles! They created a new campaign to help reduce car idling! Where you can pledge to “Turn It Off” and even receive a free bumper sticker, if you hurry that is. Click on the photo above to be taken to their sweet campaign! They have written many great posts about ways you can save money and the environment all dealing with your car. Check’em out by clicking here!   Continue reading Turn it Off-Sustainable America

Food Forests: The next community park?

The Sustainable America Blog just recently posted an article on “Food Forests“, and I have to say, I love the idea!! The idea of a Food Forest to create an agricultural environment that would hopefully be self-sustaining. The plants would be perennials and provide food year after year. A great mixture between community and personal gardening, but without too much human intervening or labor. There has been a very similar movement called Food Not Lawns, for your personal yard. Instead of growing grass or flowers, you plant vegetables, herbs, fruit, and more. To read about what families are doing in … Continue reading Food Forests: The next community park?