When The Camper Is Rockin’……

There could be a black bear pushing it. At least, that’s what happened some mornings ago. I was so excited to sleep in, since it was my weekend, but was woken up at 6:10 am. I had just rolled over and noticed the camper was shaking a little more than normal. Then I heard a…

Camping in Alaska

During my summer in Katmai National Park and Preserve, I never went camping on my weekends. Instead, I did quite a bit for my job, which is probably different from what you may do. Anyone who lives in or has camped in Alaska before, please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!…

Videographer Wannabe

Hi you wonderful person you. I’m working on sharing more videos and doing more vlogs these year for 2017. I totally forgot to share them to here though!

From Terror To Daring – Wolf Encounters

With all that said, my last wolf encounter was special. The night before, Ranger Bob and I woke up to hearing wolves howling. What a tingling feeling I had. We knew a pack was around because of the number of tracks we saw on the beach, but hearing them throughout the night was amazing.

Hello Pacific Ocean

Twenty minutes later we drove to the hanger and I saw the itty bitty machine that would soon be normal transportation for me, I just didn’t know it then. At that moment, I was nervous.