Get Outdoors!

Want some ideas about things you can do outdoors?
I found these in Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods!

“No one among us wants to be a member of the last generation
to pass on to our children the joy of playing outside in nature.”

Be a cloudspotter; build a backyard weather station. A person just needs a view of the sky and a guidebook!
The Cloudspotter’s Guide: Gavin Pretor-Pinney
The Kid’s Book of Weather Forecasting: Mark Breen, Kathleen Friestad, Micheal Kline
– Or you can create your own guidebook!
Create a raingauge and see just how accurate predicting the weather can be!

Discover a hidden universe, find a scrap board and place it on bare dirt. Come back in a day or two, lift the board, and see how many species have found shelter there. Identify these creatures, and return every so often to see whose new!

Go camping in the backyard! Make a fort, tree house, or hut out of materials near by.

Go for a family walk when the moon is full. All you need is a flashlight! Listen to animals calling, or maybe see if anything is glowing like worms or fungus on trees. Perhaps you could begin a Moon Journal!

Adopt a tree or plant a new one in your yard! Take pictures of the tree in its first snow or frost. Make bark rubbings using crayons and paper. Collect and preserve the leaves as they fall in the autumn months. Maybe even record what animals or types of birds you see in the tree.

Create a “Green Hour”, with required time to spend outdoors! Make and keep a nature journal, read outside, or check out these cool activities by the National Wildlife Federation.

Go harvesting! Find local farms and orchards that are open to the public and begin picking! Find out when your local farmers market is and find out where your food grows.

Learn to track. Explore dirt roads, stream banks, or your backyard for animal tracks! You can look online for some tracking guidebooks, or at your local library! Check out Save Animal Tracks as Plaster Casts by the US Geological Survey.

Check out these sites online for more ideas!
Be Out There: National Wildlife Federation
Kids in Nature: The Nature Conservancy
No Child Left Inside: State of Connecticut
Sierra Club Outdoors (Kids and Adults)Green Teacher (Non-profit for Educators)

Thanks for Reading! What do you think?

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