Support Our Parks

Our National Parks were set aside for future generations; they were set aside for you. An area untouched, or an area of cultural and historical importance; a place for you to experience and learn firsthand. Please help us protect these special places, help us protect America’s Best Idea.

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National Parks More Than Pay for Themselves –
“In just two years, the National Park Service will celebrate its 100th anniversary, and it turns out there are some very practical reasons to keep the parks system going, Casey N. Cep writes at the Pacific Standard. Besides their beauty and their role in preserving threatened environments, the parks bring in ten dollars to the local economy for every dollar of funding.”

PrintGovernment Shutdown Cost Communities Near National Parks $414 Million
“That drop in visitors resulted in an estimated loss of $414 million in spending in what are known as “gateway regions” — the towns just outside of national parks where people buy gas and supplies, eat at restaurants and stay in hotels.
The report found that the communities near 45 of the country’s parks experienced a loss of more than $2 million each. Five states — Arizona, California, North Carolina, Virginia and Wyoming — experienced a projected loss of more than $20 million each in October visitor spending, according to the report.”

starbucksThe National Parks are open again, however, the Government still continues to add budget cuts to an organization that is already struggling to protect and preserve these places. Please tell our senators, congressmen/women, and the president that the National Parks need better funding!

Take Action Now!

Why Don’t States Run National Parks?
“5. Increased Tourism: National parks are recognized as premier tourist destinations and marketed internationally as a prime reason to visit America. As a result, they support more than $30 billion in economic activity each year and more than 252,000 private-sector jobs in communities around the country.”

Check out the National Park Experience – A Film Series. Their mission?
Even though many Americans love and visit the national parks, there are still entire communities and an increasing number of youth that don’t see themselves as part of the national park story. By making these films, we’re creating an invitation to every American– regardless of age, race, religion, politics, or economic status– to embrace and become part of “America’s Best Idea.” Because in 2016, the National Park Service turns 100 years old, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate!

Budget cuts prompt land agencies to consider alternative funding sources
Sweeping federal budget cuts are already seriously impacting wild lands across the nation. Agencies that manage America’s lands are struggling to cope with inadequate funding.
So it should come as no surprise that many are now looking for other options to help pay their bills.”


If you are interested in helping the National Parks there are many ways to donate!
Click on the images below to be directed to the sites!

npfnpcaPicture1*This blog reflects my personal opinion, and not the view of the National Park Service.


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