“You’re the best.”

I have heard that a lot this summer; I don’t quite agree with ┬áit. This summer has been a difficult one for me, which you may have noticed from my last post. (Sorry for all the complaining.) The life lesson I am learning is to not take things personally. Well, I’m trying to learn it anyways. (I can hear my mom chuckling as she reads this.) My work life is not the only place where I take things personally. If I invite someone over and they are too busy, I take it personally that they don’t want to spend time … Continue reading “You’re the best.”

A (nervous) opinion on how to help someone with Anxiety

I have anxiety. No, I haven’t been to a physiologist to be diagnosed, but I have been diagnosed with it for irritable bowel syndrome. For the last six to seven months, I haven’t been taking any prescription drugs for it. However, there are many times throughout the month where I think I need to begin taking them again. I would like to believe that I have a very small case of it. For me, I’m a worry-wart and nervous. My mom has always said that I was her “nervous child”. Lately I can’t ride in a vehicle without having a … Continue reading A (nervous) opinion on how to help someone with Anxiety