Snakehead: Invasive Species

What does a Fish with teeth that can live on land for up to four days out of water mean? Terror, sheer terror. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but these things are super CREEPY. The Snakehead is a species of fish that can move on land, and its loose in Central Park! Predator fish that walks and breathes is on the loose in Central Park “The fish that is making wildlife agencies skittish is an invasive species native to China, Russia and Korea. Snakeheads are top predators and feed ravenously on other fish as well as frogs, crayfish and aquatic … Continue reading Snakehead: Invasive Species

In the world of Water

Warning: Be Prepared for Many Topic Changes. This will probably be a topic that I write on a lot; as well as global climate change. Afterall, they are all connected together. The Earth is a system, and everything connects and works together in different ways. When you add us humans into the mix, moving way faster than the normal system can function, is when issues begin arising. (Besides, who dosen’t love a little Disney!) I recently came across these photos. Personally, I think that is a great idea, we should be working at growing our own food. Growing your own … Continue reading In the world of Water

Earth Hour

Tonight, at 8:30 pm, many people will be turning off their lights for the Earth! Earth Hour is an amazing idea (at least to me anyways) about helping people come together about taking care of this wonderful planet that we live on. 🙂 All it’s asking is if you, and your family, could turn your lights off at 8:30PM local time, for an hour. That’s all you gotta do. Just turn off your lights, your tv, your computer, your radio. Simple. How would that help? “There is no doubt about it: the world is facing some of the most critical … Continue reading Earth Hour

You CAN make a Difference!

We have the tendency to think that we can’t make a difference, all by ourself. This article is wonderful proof that we can!!! An Indian man, by himself, planted a whole forest during his lifetime. A WHOLE forest!!!!! Can I just say how mind-blowing and incredible that is?!! The best part, is you CAN do something, you CAN make a difference. Now I wouldn’t suggest going out and planting trees in pure maddness, but instead doing some research and finding out the native plants in your area. With this knowledge, plant your garden, or flower gardens with native plants! The … Continue reading You CAN make a Difference!

“Bats in Crisis”

The White-Nose Syndrome is a disease affecting hibernating bats in North America, and was first documented in the winter of 2006-2007. About 5.5 million bats have died sine the disease emerged.  I had the wonderful opportunity to learn about in school, and then the even better opportunity to forget about it too. Ha! 🙂 Thankfully, the National Park Service has created three videos speaking on what the disease is, where the origins of the disease came from, and what we are doing to help (plus what you could do too help). Check it out! (Click the word “videos” for the … Continue reading “Bats in Crisis”