A Random Adventure

Today my friend Josh and I went for a random drive through the San Juan Forest just north of Dolores, CO. We left the park to get groceries, but then got distracted! 🙂 Needless to say, my jeep got a little workout in for only being 2wd. Haha! Plus she needs a major bath. So many pretty Columbines! Colorado’s state flower. 🙂 We then stopped at the Dolores river to clean our feet off. Oh how I missed rivers! We ended the day by going to the movies in Durango. Overall, a very successful day! Continue reading A Random Adventure

So much rain! Day 1 driving to Mesa Verde

Can I just say that I’m exhausted? This 12 hour day turned into a 14 hour day. But: my mom and I were looking for an adventure, and we found one! We wanted to go on a southern more route to Mesa Verde, since we had never been to Kansas. Well, we can check it off our list! We are staying the night near Salina, Kansas. It was crazy getting here. So. Much. Rain. Yeah, all of Illinois it rained, and then for the northern part of Missouri as well! Everything was flooded, each river and creek. All the fields … Continue reading So much rain! Day 1 driving to Mesa Verde