Made me think of Home

Sometimes, on our weekends, my friends and I have the same free time to go exploring. Together, my friend Mariana (Mariana on the Move) and I had two options, head west to sunny and 70* weather, or head east to snowy and 40* weather. We figured east would be more of an adventure!! We also couldn’t help to “nerd” it up and do a joint blog post together!  View her post, Falling in Love with Silverton and the San Juans, that has my pictures. (Since I am decent at photography, and she is way better at writing! If you haven’t … Continue reading Made me think of Home

Durango, CO- Day 2 driving to Mesa Verde

Durango is one of the cities close to Mesa Verde, and I go to check in at the park tomorrow! The drive here was great, nice and sunny. The mountain views were amazing once we got into Colorado! I’m sorry to not go into more detail … but I’m pretty tired, and I promise too once I have more time! 🙂 So enjoy some yucky cell phone pics! 🙂 Those commercials make my day!^ Continue reading Durango, CO- Day 2 driving to Mesa Verde