Gudy’s Rest – Durango, CO

Yesterday my roommate and I went hiking on a portion of the Colorado trail in Durango. It was a great hike! But I forgot my camera, so here are some lovely cell pics 😉 It was such a wonderful hike. The trail is multi-use, so a lot of bikers passed us, and many families with dogs. Did I ever mention I want a dog? Haha! This was definitely a nice, simple, “easy” trail, I’m going to remember this one for future trips! 🙂 Continue reading Gudy’s Rest – Durango, CO

Durango, CO- Day 2 driving to Mesa Verde

Durango is one of the cities close to Mesa Verde, and I go to check in at the park tomorrow! The drive here was great, nice and sunny. The mountain views were amazing once we got into Colorado! I’m sorry to not go into more detail … but I’m pretty tired, and I promise too once I have more time! 🙂 So enjoy some yucky cell phone pics! 🙂 Those commercials make my day!^ Continue reading Durango, CO- Day 2 driving to Mesa Verde