Not your average Super Bowl Post

No matter who you want to win the big game tomorrow, or if you just want to watch the commercials, there is a high chance that you will be consuming quite a bit of food during it! Last year I made a Fruit-Kabob & Dip for a healthier snack choice, check it out! As you look about your kitchen, living room, or party tomorrow, and see the countless amount of food around, imagine comparing that to the hundreds of thousands of people you see on the TV screen at the arena! What happens to any of that leftover food after … Continue reading Not your average Super Bowl Post

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Recently J and I went to exploring the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, and I am extremely excited to tell you how AWESOME it truly was! It’s not a big aquarium, like you may see in some zoos, but it is a local, native aquarium with creatures and plants from this area (and some non-native). What’s even cooler than that??! All of the exhibits have water brought in from the local Owl’s Creek which is just outside. We paid a little extra and saw and IMAX 3D movie, Under the Sea. Seeing the ocean through a movie is pretty … Continue reading Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

A Memory

Cold, rainy mornings that turn into sunny afternoons always remind me of “Mushroom Camp”.  Every spring my family would go camping ‘up north’ from home, hunting for Morel Mushrooms. Many times it was rainy and cold. It was and still is one of my favorite places, and I can still smell the trees. I was devastated when the state did a clear-cut to a section of it. (Now a days I understand how it is helpful for that ecosystem.) Those smells, the feeling of cold and wet always tugs memories out of my heart. I remember finding a pocket knife on one of … Continue reading A Memory