On the Road Again and finally home!

Whenever I start to drive back home, to another park, Willie Nelson’s song “On The Road Again” pops into my head. However, traveling is never an enjoyable thing for me, at least the way I travel to get home or to a park. This time though, my dad and I did a “pit-stop” to visit my sister at Missouri State University! Of course, not technically a “pit-stop”, it did add on more time, however, getting a half day to spend with my younger sister was great! It gave Dad a chance to see her, and gave us a chance to … Continue reading On the Road Again and finally home!

Seasons Come and Go

Today I have to say goodbye to the place that I have called “home” for the last six months. Mesa Verde National Park has been a place of many discoveries, and I’m not just talking about the Ancestral Puebloan dwellings! Coming back for a second season was a very wise idea reflecting on it. I learned so many things, and had many opportunities to grow both professional and personally! I meet so many neat people, that I will remember always. This park will definitely always have a place in my heart. Being furloughed this season was quite frustrating and terrifying. … Continue reading Seasons Come and Go

A Memory

Cold, rainy mornings that turn into sunny afternoons always remind me of “Mushroom Camp”.  Every spring my family would go camping ‘up north’ from home, hunting for Morel Mushrooms. Many times it was rainy and cold. It was and still is one of my favorite places, and I can still smell the trees. I was devastated when the state did a clear-cut to a section of it. (Now a days I understand how it is helpful for that ecosystem.) Those smells, the feeling of cold and wet always tugs memories out of my heart. I remember finding a pocket knife on one of … Continue reading A Memory