News and a Life Update

Hello Hello Hello! To the few readers of this blog, I thought I should share with you what’s been happening currently in my life! Now that I am living down in Virginia, many people have been concerned about if I will continue as a Park Ranger or not. I have to say, that being a National Park Ranger is the goal for this upcoming summer season! I have been applying to many jobs and so far have been referred to at least five different parks. (Being referred means my resume and information was sent to the park!) I haven’t changed … Continue reading News and a Life Update

Life Update: Jan 8 2013

Hello to the few who actually read this silly little blog that I have created. 🙂 Just thought I should give a little update on how things are going for me; so far job wise, I have been ‘referred’ (my resume sent too) both Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska, and Glacier National Park in Montana. Click the park’s name to check them out! I’m in a conundrum, I’m not sure how I feel about either of them, but there are other personal issues that are taking a major impact on my decision making. I’m just tired of being … Continue reading Life Update: Jan 8 2013