Where does the Time go?

Today marks the day of a new year, it also marks my one year anniversary for this blog!! 🙂 2013 was a very adventurous year for me, and it appears that 2014 is going to be as well! I am currently typing from my new place in Suffolk, Virginia! I don’t quite understand how the year can seem to go by so slow, but then out of nowhere its the new year, and I’m waiting for another park job to happen! A lot happened this last year; I bought my first vehicle, I completed my third season with the National … Continue reading Where does the Time go?

New Possibilites

Welcome to 2013! New Year’s day always is a day of anticipation, we have before us a book of blank pages just waiting to be filled with whatever we wish.                                                                                   I’m sort of a book nerd, so be prepared for a lot of book analogies!   2012 was full of blessings, major life steps, and life lessons. I completed my second … Continue reading New Possibilites