Shutdown Coupon!

Well, I have decided to make something positive come out of this shutdown and have created a coupon for purchasing prints of my photos on my Photography Page! If you purchase more than $10.00, using the coupon code SHUTDOWN2013, you can receive 15% off your entire purchase! To get started click the photo below or the link above to head to the site. Then just click “My Photographs”, “All My Photos”. Don’t feel like buying anything, don’t worry, I’m not offended, but feel free to leave comments on any photo you do like! 🙂 Continue reading Shutdown Coupon!

Goals for 2013!

–To learn Sign Language. It’s something I keep realizing would be so helpful to know! Especially with working in the public. -To become fluent in a second language. I did take Spanish for four years during my high school career, but I have realized that I don‘t remember too much of it. So I want to get back into it. -To work on being healthier. Being as small as I am, many people think that I am in shape, and fit. Definitely not the case, I can hardly open things by my own. Hahaha. Last year I finally worked out … Continue reading Goals for 2013!