A Memory

Cold, rainy mornings that turn into sunny afternoons always remind me of “Mushroom Camp”.  Every spring my family would go camping ‘up north’ from home, hunting for Morel Mushrooms. Many times it was rainy and cold. It was and still is one of my favorite places, and I can still smell the trees. I was devastated when the state did a clear-cut to a section of it. (Now a days I understand how it is helpful for that ecosystem.) Those smells, the feeling of cold and wet always tugs memories out of my heart. I remember finding a pocket knife on one of … Continue reading A Memory

Made me think of Home

Sometimes, on our weekends, my friends and I have the same free time to go exploring. Together, my friend Mariana (Mariana on the Move) and I had two options, head west to sunny and 70* weather, or head east to snowy and 40* weather. We figured east would be more of an adventure!! We also couldn’t help to “nerd” it up and do a joint blog post together!  View her post, Falling in Love with Silverton and the San Juans, that has my pictures. (Since I am decent at photography, and she is way better at writing! If you haven’t … Continue reading Made me think of Home

Something About A Puddle

It’s been one of those days where I really wish I would have brought my camera with me. Twice today, a very large storm cell went through the park and produced extremely heavy rainfall. Which made giving tours to cliff dwellings highly entertaining. I’m sure another one may come through before the day is done! I had the 9:00AM Balcony House tour, and even before the tour started, it began to rumble throughout the canyon. Thankfully I only had two people on my tour, so we waited and watched the clouds and lightning to see how close the storm truly … Continue reading Something About A Puddle

The Clouds Will Rumble

Today was a rather interesting day. A very large storm cell seemed to sweep upon us with ease. It looked quite threatening. I may have been creeped out. Now don’t get me wrong, thunderstorms are cool, but I have the tendency to be easily scared of things that make me feel incredibly small in the natural world. Here at Mesa Verde National Park, we are between 8,500ft-7,000ft above sea level. So when it becomes rainy and cool, the clouds appear to be very close. Plus in some cases of the park, you actually can drive through clouds!! It’s so neat. … Continue reading The Clouds Will Rumble