Leaving Is Never Easy

Participating in the Weekly Writing Challenge “Fifty” To My Family and Friends Soon I have to pack my bags and move again, but leaving is never easy. I move for my job, park to park, but leaving is never easy. I love my job and work is always fun, but leaving is never easy. Leaving is never easy, but loving you is. Continue reading Leaving Is Never Easy

The Bum Life

I have been getting a lot of questions by the people I run into, about what I’m doing next, or even what I’m doing now.  Not really sure what I’m doing next job wise, and I am currently just being a bum. There has been a lot of time spent on the couch, in pajamas, fighting off a small cold that I had caught somehow. There’s been a lot of cuddling with four legged creatures. Enough cuddling that they get jealous of each other! What can I say, I’m a good cuddler. 😉 For a last minute costume I was … Continue reading The Bum Life